About Us


Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to create a social atmosphere where ANYONE can come and be accepted on their journey to find a partner…Especially those suffering from any kind of lifelong condition. Stop Worrying…Start Dating.

Who We Are:

We at StartToDate.com feel that everyone…and we mean EVERYONE should have the opportunity to be happy and find love. As stated above, our platform is open to ANYONE who wishes to find love with an emphasis on individuals who may be suffering from lifelong conditions or illnesses. We are not looking to create “hookups”, but rather “connections” and real relationships. Many of us know the pressure and hardships of living with these conditions. Therefore, our goal is to make ANYONE feel comfortable and accepted as we feel that no one at all should be neglected. If you also believe that everyone deserves that opportunity, please join the family and be a part of StartToDate.com. We are here for YOU!

Why do we use it?

Everyone is nervous on a first date…but with certain situations, things can be almost impossible to talk about. If you are looking to find a partner you can tell anything to and not have to hide anything, StartToDate.com is definitely for you! We break down the “wall” that sometimes tends to block communication with sensitive subjects. Live happy and be free with StartToDate.com!